Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Live

29 May

 Fact! Indeed a true part to everybody is the humorous and quite embarrassing part of your personal life to be exposed in public scrutiny. Yet, this juncture proved to be devastated with the latest Queen of comedy and the Super Mom of the world’s greatest boxer, Pacman. The deeply catholic believer and a monotonous religious mother of Manny Pacman Pacquiao, yes. You got it right I am talking to his funny mom with dull English but enormous fighting spirit, Aling Dionisia. Watch Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Live.
I am not saying here that his mom is the funniest thing Pacquiao could ever had but undeniably Pacman can easily remembered apart from boxing because of his international well-known mom. His Cinderella story is started just before his mother took the offer of his dad to marry and have their own family. Aling Dionisia actually used to sell “kakanin” (kakanin is a Filipino term for delicious native homemade foods) during that time to fight the scarcity and to feed the needs of her two children after his crap husband abandoned them. She continued the life and met another man who eventually became his second husband and the father of Manny Pacquiao. They lived with light level of life and ducked with 4 notorious children, yet the fate came again and his husband paired with another woman. Two guys in his life, two nightmares leaving six standing marks on her that will continue their lives as a whole and still hoping family. Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Live.

After Manny gone into boxing and discovered through his talent and abilities, the old lady in dirty rags is now on the signature dresses, glamorous high heels and expensive bags. Aling Dionisia is now fondly called Doña Dionisia. Watch Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Live Online
A mere inspiring story that surely touches emotion and elusive heart; Aling Dionisia is now hoping for the win of his son Manny over Bradley on June 9.

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